FAQ FOR TPLINK ROUTER ( http://repeatertplink.net/ )

  1. Where it is better to place a wi-fi router? How to strengthen the wi-fi signal?

A direct visibility between the access point and wireless devices is desirable. If there is a wall between the access point and the client, it is better to place them at a right angle to each other.

  1. Why reboot the router?

To update the settings and improve the performance, the router periodically needs to be rebooted. This is due to filling routing tables and reducing their performance, as well as other factors (this may be necessary after an emergency shutdown on the provider's network).

In addition, after a Wi-Fi reboot, the router selects the most free (not uploaded by other users) frequency channel, which can significantly improve the speed of data transfer over Wi-Fi.

To do this, just turn off the power supply for 5-10 seconds and turn it back on.

  1. How do I know which wifi channels are free?

The most common problems when using routers include the loss of Wi-Fi signal, as well as the low speed of the Internet.

The most common reason for their appearance is the use of your wireless network by the same channel that is used by other Wi-Fi access points in the neighborhood. As a result of this, in connection with interference and "crookedness" of the channel, such things appear. The solution is obvious: change the channel, because in most cases, users leave the Auto value set in the default router settings.

To change the channel, it is necessary to determine the most free ones in advance.

  1. The signal for wi-fi, low connection speed disappears, why?

The reason may be in the wrong settings of your router, and also that you use a downloaded channel, on which other Wi-Fi devices work in your home.

  1. Lost access to the Internet, what to do?

Check the Internet cable-PC connections, Internet cable - WI-FI-Router. Pull and reconnect the cable until it clicks. Check that the Internet cable is plugged into the correct port.

Check the continuity of the cable. If it is damaged, ask for advice.

  1. How can I enter the TP-Link Wireless Router's web-based utility (Control window)?
  • Firstly, open the browser and specify the IP address net of the router at the address bar. Press the Enter button.
  • In the login window specify the user name and secret word. You can type a default login credentials covering username, password that is admin after accessing net in the address bar.
  1. How do I change the username or password of an administrator account?

Step 1 Open the browser and enter the IP address of the wireless router. Press the Enter button.

Step 2 To login successfully, specify a default login name and a password

Step 3 In the left part of the window, go to System Tools-> Password. The Settings window opens.

Step 4 Enter the old password, the new user name, the new password and repeat it, then click Save.

  1. How to set up the connection through the TP-Link router?

Stage 1. First sign in to the web browser for configuration of the router.

Step 2. Configure the WAN connection type.

Step 3. Check the connection.

  1. What should I do if you forget your router password?

The default username / password is admin / admin. If you changed your username or password and forgot them, you need to restore the settings of the router, and then configure the username / password again.

  1. I have everything connected and configured, but my free radio router does not get internet.

Did you plug the network cable from your home router into the correct port on the free radio router? It has to be stuck in the blue WAN port.

  1. Can I also connect my node via WLAN to my Internet access instead of via cable?

Yes. However, it is not very efficient, since then already mesh and user Wi-Fi, all devices and the router, which is connected to the Internet, spark on the same channel. In addition, there may be devices from the neighborhood, which may also be on this channel.

  1. Does the TP-Link router support M7350 WPA2-AES ?

Unfortunately, no. Neither the specifications nor the user manual list this safety standard. Only WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK are supported.

  1. Is it possible to set up a guest network on this router and limit its speed? If not, what kind of router (or better, access point) will advise with such functions?

Starting with the hardware version 11 guest networks on this router model is, the speed limit for it is possible.

  1. Why cannot I access the Internet after installing the TP-Link router?

Step 1: Go to the web-based configuration utility of your TP Link router and check the information in the WAN section.

1) If the "Status" menu has a valid IP address in the section.

Step 2: Have a look at the TCP / IP network settings for a specific device if another devices from your router are accessing the Internet tplinkrepeater.net

  1. How to configure the TP-Link router TL-WR841N?

Basic settings

  • Turn off the power of the computer and the router.
  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the computer and connect it to the Internet port of the router.
  • Turn all devices on. After loading the TP-Link TL-WR841N on its front panel, the power indicators, the Internet port, the corresponding LAN port should be lit.
  • In the address bar of the browser, type orĀ tplinkrepeater.net
  • On the page that appears, in the User name field, type admin, password admin.
  1. How to choose a router?

The type of LAN ports determines the maximum data transfer rate between the router and other devices connected to it via a wire. Maximum possible speed of data exchange between a router and devices connected to it by a wireless method depends on the Wi-Fi standard. Two standards are relevant: Now look at the main indicator - the data transfer rate.

  1. Which model of router to choose?

Any router with PPTP support is suitable for you. We recommend TP-Link routers, because their operation in our city has shown sufficient reliability, and also they have an affordable price.

  1. How to configure the router?

You can configure the router yourself using the instructions that are placed on our website in the "Internet" menu, the "Instructions" submenu. If there is no possibility to configure the router yourself, you can contact technical support to call the company's specialists at home. The setup of the router is paid according to the certificate, according to the price list of services.

  1. How can I restore the router to its factory settings?

Without turning off the power, hold down the RESET button for about 8 seconds and do not release it. Log in to the web-based configuration utility of the router. Select the system tools from the factory settings in the menu and click restore.

  1. How to check the connection and PING with the router?

We check the connection with the router. For this purpose, in the operating systems Windows, MacOS and Linux there is a special program ( tplinkrepeater.net ), which has a command and is called " PING ". To run it, go to our separate section for this issue.