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TP-Link Router is a competent device that ensures highly intact, impregnable, and private wireless internet connection. TP-Link Routers comes in different categories, depending upon the router model that is either wired or wireless or both kinds of devices are supported on the LAN side allowing computers or devices to be linked to the router through a wired network or a wireless network.

The users earlier had to face a lot of trouble while logging in to the router setup portal through the default IP address. Therefore, TP-Link came up with this easy to use web domain to ease the router access and configuration process.

Some of the router model support wireless internet connection by providing USB port where a USB data card can be connected or a SIM slot where SIM can be inserted. Also, there are some router models which have DSL Model functionality allowing a telephone wire from a DSL connection to be connected on the WAN side.

TP-Link routers

  • Highly Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Compact and Light Weight

Setting up TP-Link Archer MR400 router via

  • Open your web browser and type the customized web domain or IP address or in the address bar
  • This IP address will re-direct you to a page that will require a user name and password to proceed.
  • If you are logging into the router for the first time then you can get your default credentials from the label of the router.
  • Generally the values for the router login credentials are the admin and password itself.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you will be redirected to Homepage and there will be a various section.

How to change TP-Link Archer MR400 router password?

  • Open the web browser to access the router page and type the IP address or web address in the address bar.
  • It will direct you to the login authentication page where you have to put your user name and password.
  • If you haven’t changed the password from the factory settings, the username and password are both admin.
  • If you have changed user name and password earlier but you no longer remember that then you’ll have to reset your router before continuing.
  • Once you have successfully logged in it will take you to the Home Page of TPLink Router.
  • It will re-direct you to the home page of TP-Link router, there will be several sections for e.g.:
  • Status
  • Quick Setup
  • Advanced Settings
  • Security
  • System Tools
  • Wireless Security
  • Click on the Wireless Security on the justify side of the page
  • Scroll down and check the WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK box. It’s near the bottom of the page.
  • Type in a new password. Type the new password in the “Password” field, though the password field might say “PSK Password” instead.
  • Click Save.
  • It will save your new password but you’ll need to reboot your router for the changes to take place.
  • Click System Tools from the justify side of the page
  • Click Reboot
  • Click Ok button when pop up comes up, this will reboot your router and when it comes back online, and your password will be in effect.
  • Now you need to reconnect each of your previously connected devices to the router with the new password.

How to set up a guest network in TP-Link Archer MR400 router?

Guest Network

Guest Network Access provides impregnable Wi-Fi access for guests to share your home or office network. You can enable the guest network when you have visitors in your house, apartment, or workplace.

One should follow the below steps to setup the guest network in TP-Link Archer MR-400:

    • On the home page screen, Click Guest Network.
    • This will open up a new interface with many textboxes.
  • There will be two security types Disable Wireless Security & WPA/WPA2-Personnal. It is always recommended. To choose WPA/WPA2-Personnal.
  • Choose the password that you want to keep for the guest wifi. Hit the save button to make the settings take effect.
  • You can also control the access time of guest users. You can control the access time of the guest users through two types of rules:
  • Timeout: You can input the amount of time the guest user can access the network, once the access time is over the connection will drop automatically.
  • Schedule: You can also configure the specific schedule for the guest client to access the internet. In this section various options are available for e.g. days, time etc.
  • Bandwidth Control: You can also control the bandwidth of your guest network. To control the bandwidth, you need to set two columns :
  • Egess bandwidth for guest network
  • Ingress bandwidth for guest network

What to do if your TP-Link Archer MR400 router is not giving a stable network?

  • If your router is not giving stable network, upgrade the firmware of your router if it is not the latest one. You can also change the Ethernet cable, LAN port and computer to carry out a test.
  • Try to locate all your wireless clients in a reasonable distance.
  • Always keep your router in a central location of the house/working place and away from the objects that can block its signal.
  • Reduce the number of wireless clients.
  • Optimize the router’s position. Always try adjusting the orientation of the antennas for maximum performance. It is always recommended placing it up high and also placing its antennas at 45 degrees (diagonally) or 0 degrees (straight out parallel to the floor), which will be more effective.

Some of the best TP-Link routers in the market:

  1. TPLink Archer AC1200 – Dual-band Gigabit.
  2. TPLink Archer C7 Wireless Dual Band (AC1750) .
  3. Wireless Router AC1900 Smart Dual-Band Gigabit (Archer C9).
  4. TPLink Archer AC3150 Smart WiFi Router. …

TPLink AC5400 Tri Band Smart WiFi Gaming Router (Archer C5400)

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